How to Solve Crash in Total War: WARHAMMER -while loading battles-

Views: 55 If your Total War: WARHAMMER game crashed when loading battles you can only use auto resolve battle. But there are also other steps you can do to find the fix: Disable antivirus – had same problem Install all prerequisites from _CommonRedist folder (in game folder) Update Graphics card […]

How to Fix Assert Failed Error on Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court Game

Views: 99 Some of users having this error messages on Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court and for the main game. Here is the error message body:   Assert Failed: (write_successful) StorageManager::TransferFile in storage_manager.cpp line 771 couldn’t write whole file ESC to skip Here is the fixes for it: First of […]

Crash Fixes of Friday the 13th: The Game and its Patches

Views: 84 Our users reported us: Friday the 13th: The Game (PC) crashes  in 4 hour session 4-5 times each: So its extremely annoying and would have never happen before patch. Here is a simple fix for it: Verify cache it solved it for me. Play it on full […]

How to Fix FPS rates in Outlast 2

Views: 67 The game seems locked at 24 FPS (or some other low refresh rate) you can fix it by doing these: There are 2 possible solutions for that:   You can try adding the -refreshrate 60 (replace 60 by the refresh rate you want) to the command line. This […]

How to Fix Microphone Issue in Star Trek: Bridge Crew Game

Views: 320 Here is the fixes/troubleshoots for it: SteamVR settings -> Audio set record device to HTC Vive microphone… Disabled all other mic sources from windows recording devices than (USB Audio device (Vive mic(test it by making sound to yor HMD mic and make sure that mic bar rices in […]

Solve Crash To Desktop Error in Steel Division: Normandy 44

Views: 208 If your game (Steel Division: Normandy 44) crashes after changing the graphic options try following things below: Solution n°1: When you see the prompt suggesting to use the last working configuration, answer “No”. The game should then use the right options. Solution n°2: Change the graphic options one by […]

How to Solve Outlast 2 Launch Problem

Views: 300 Some of Outlast 2 Game players reported problems about game .exe launching. To solve these kind of issues please do the following things: check your antivirus the exe in …\Outlast 2\Binaries\Win64 Installed the game via the setup . Thats it. Please comment below if you have issues.

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