Mafia III PC Game Individual Review

Views: 314 You all know how much I’ve been looking forward to the MAFIA III release. Played 1&2 loved 1 was a little disappointed with 2 as the open world map gave you nothing to do. Then 3 comes along with the biggest open world map so far with hours of […]

How to Run Planet Coaster Game Faster and Solve Lagging

Views: 2,918 This tutorial is mainly targeted for the Gamer’s who have fps/lagging issues on Planet Coaster Game. We have collected some information about this problem and wrote some ways to fix it: Try these steps one by one or step by step to increase your Planet Coaster Game Performance: […]

Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Tips

Views: 501 INCONSISTENT SHOTGUN When stuck in a game with a broken shotgun; whether it’s stutter lag, slow unresponsive shutgun feel or its clearly not registering those shotgun hits. Switch to a support role and give your team semi close cover. You may have the weakest K.D. Ratio, but you […]

How to Fix Football Manager 2017 Startup Crashes [Part 2]

Views: 1,138 This tutorial instructs fixing ways of Football Manager 2017 game startup or in-game, saved-game crashes. You can try several ways below or just update your graphics driver to look up if things going good. Also you can give it a try by updating your FM 2017 with hot-fix. Some of […]

How to Solve Black Screen Issue on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Views: 1,286 This tutorial generated mainly for the black screen issues for our users. It would fix your black-screen or crash problem when you play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege PC Game. There is not just one thing you can do to fix, there are several options you would have […]

How to Install Dishonored 2 From Winrar Archive Files

Views: 466 This short tutorial instructs how to install dishonored 2 pc game from the winrar archives -lots of files in it-. If you download this game and get winrar files you just need to do these things: You just select all .rar files Right click Extract all files Then […]

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