How to Prevent Cities: Skylines Game From New Updates

Views: 93 It is sometimes annoying for everyone when the cities: skylines game updates itself from the steam week to week. And many gamers don’t want this. Because every new update could be break the mods and it would be a reason to some game freezings, crashings at some point. […]

How to Solve Low Frame Rates and Crashes on Tom Clancy’s The Division Game

Views: 295 This simple tutorial gives you a way to increase your fps and decrease your crashing during the gameplay on Tom Clancy’s The Division PC Game last DLC pack. There are a lot more known issues and our Gameslopedy forum users reported those problems too. Actually developers of Tom Clancy’s […]

How to Solve “Planet Coaster Game” Hardware Crashing Problems

Views: 429 We have prepared a short tutorial for Planet Coaster PC Game in order to solve hardware crashing issues such as high temp. /gpu and cpu usage while playing the game and it would be crash your system. Please do the following things, it may help you to solve […]

How to Solve FPS Drop Issues on Killing Floor 2 PC Game

Views: 277 After the last patch of Geforce some gamers have issues about fps drops and stuttering/freezing on Killing Floor 2 PC Game. This tutorial contains ways to fix these issues and gives you a workaround of this problem. Try following steps to fix fps drops on killing floor 2 […]

How to Run Planet Coaster Game Faster and Solve Lagging

Views: 1,763 This tutorial is mainly targeted for the Gamer’s who have fps/lagging issues on Planet Coaster Game. We have collected some information about this problem and wrote some ways to fix it: Try these steps one by one or step by step to increase your Planet Coaster Game Performance: […]

Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Tips

Views: 213 INCONSISTENT SHOTGUN When stuck in a game with a broken shotgun; whether it’s stutter lag, slow unresponsive shutgun feel or its clearly not registering those shotgun hits. Switch to a support role and give your team semi close cover. You may have the weakest K.D. Ratio, but you […]

How to Fix Football Manager 2017 Startup Crashes [Part 2]

Views: 639 This tutorial instructs fixing ways of Football Manager 2017 game startup or in-game, saved-game crashes. You can try several ways below or just update your graphics driver to look up if things going good. Also you can give it a try by updating your FM 2017 with hot-fix. Some of […]

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