How to Change Language in Disney Infinity 3.0 : Gold Edition

Views: 417 There are many users having issues to change their language in Disney Infinity 3.0 : Gold Edition pc game, this simple tutorial fixes your problems and help you to change the language into your native. The game is actually a standalone pack and it already contain a lot of […]

How to Change Language of Steep Game to English

Views: 422 Hi gameslopedy lovers, we’ve seen some of our visitors having trouble to change their Steep Game Language to English and they’ve chosen wrong language at the start such as chinese etc. Here is how to change it: – Close the game. – Restart Steam – Start the game […]

How to Prevent Cities: Skylines Game From New Updates

Views: 223 It is sometimes annoying for everyone when the cities: skylines game updates itself from the steam week to week. And many gamers don’t want this. Because every new update could be break the mods and it would be a reason to some game freezings, crashings at some point. […]

How to Solve Low Frame Rates and Crashes on Tom Clancy’s The Division Game

Views: 493 This simple tutorial gives you a way to increase your fps and decrease your crashing during the gameplay on Tom Clancy’s The Division PC Game last DLC pack. There are a lot more known issues and our Gameslopedy forum users reported those problems too. Actually developers of Tom Clancy’s […]

How to Solve “Planet Coaster Game” Hardware Crashing Problems

Views: 666 We have prepared a short tutorial for Planet Coaster PC Game in order to solve hardware crashing issues such as high temp. /gpu and cpu usage while playing the game and it would be crash your system. Please do the following things, it may help you to solve […]

How to Solve FPS Drop Issues on Killing Floor 2 PC Game

Views: 471 After the last patch of Geforce some gamers have issues about fps drops and stuttering/freezing on Killing Floor 2 PC Game. This tutorial contains ways to fix these issues and gives you a workaround of this problem. Try following steps to fix fps drops on killing floor 2 […]

How to Run Planet Coaster Game Faster and Solve Lagging

Views: 2,244 This tutorial is mainly targeted for the Gamer’s who have fps/lagging issues on Planet Coaster Game. We have collected some information about this problem and wrote some ways to fix it: Try these steps one by one or step by step to increase your Planet Coaster Game Performance: […]

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