How to Make “Sonic Lost World” Game Run Faster and Fix Crashes?

How to Make Sonic Lost World Game Run Faster and Fix Crashes

The new game Sonic Lost World comes with several issues like startup crashes, low graphics, bad performance and lags. Even graphic setting issues are annoying this game players. We have prepared and cascaded some tips and fixes for this game to run it smoothly and without crashes. Hope you all will resolve these issues on this game.

Choose High-Performance Graphic Processor

Please choose the High-Performance Graphic processor for this game in your graphic setting panel.

Use Higher Frequency -Refresh Rate- ( >60 Hz) Monitors

  • Force to use only refresh rate 60 Hz frequency monitors. You need to have monitor higher than 60 Hz.


  • Check your graphic card drivers (AMD and Geforce and even Intel) and make sure that your computer's hardware has at least a mid-set of the requirements, we think that our processor is bordering on the higher settings.


If your Sonic Lost World game does not start and goes to crash, it would be probably caused by Firewall or Internet Security. So, try to close them before.


Restarting the game will fix your resolution problem. So, try to both restarting of PC and the Sonic Lost World.

Decrease/Increase Your In-Game Resolution:

You can decrease or increase your in-game resolution. Also Full-Screen and shadows options would affect your game performance. Try to reduce video options as much as possible from the game settings.


  • Verify the cache done the whole check your sys reqs directx and drivers
  • Try disabling SLI
  • You could try uninstalling those components and reinstalling the ones in the Redist folder.
  • Please try to Run in compatibility mode, if that doesn't work, even try launching the game with admin privileges, perhaps even a combination of the two..

Extra: You could check the event viewer to (hopefully) get an indication as to why it crashed.

If you're truly out of ideas though, I think you have the following options in front of you:

1. Sega support:, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click support.
2. Wait for a patch (Sega) and/or driver update (NVidia).
3. Request a refund through Steam


*We will create a detailed video tutorial for this game and you would be easily overcome your problems on " Sonic Lost World " soon.

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