How to Run “Sword Coast Legends” Game Faster and Lower Your GPU Usage?

How to Run Sword Coast Legends Game Faster and Lower Your GPU Usage
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This simple tutorial shows that how to run your Sword Coast Legends Game Faster.

Also make your game running at Updated Graphic drivers on NVIDIA and AMD.

*IF your problem doesnt fixed even done with below fixes, please wait for the developer fix/patch/update for this issue on this game.

There are 2 simple tips:

  • Make sure you are done with VSync "on":

Go to your GPU Control Panel and add your game in the settings then choose Vertical Sync "on" for this game.

  • Set game priority to "low".

Go to your CTRL+ALT+DEL Task Manager; cross to Details tab; Right click on your game and choose "Set Priority to : Low".

You can also watch our detailed tutorial video about this fix, it's for only our premium members;


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