Do not use Paxum for Non-US Countries..!

I used to use as a paypal alternative. But as staying in non-US country it seems that Paxum hasnt got good payment support for the rest of the world.

I tried to withdraw my money to my bank account . But my EFT option cant be used due to non-verified bank account. So, paxum says its about paxum doesnt support every banks for EFT.
Then I changed my mind and crossed to Wire transfer and it cuts 50$ for every withdrawal. Thats very annoying.

Also Paxum's verification is very tough , because they want your ID Card , Passport or Driving license also your address proof with some kind of home bill's , military cards etc...

As a result Paxum isnt going to be an alternative of Paypal. So don't use them...

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  • glen

    Don’t use them!
    They make you jump through hoops to get verified.
    They’re super expensive .
    Their charges are through the roof in my opinion. (example … $50us to accept a wire)

    Also their fees page states a lot of alternative ways you can install funds … but they actually only have a couple of ways you can do it.

    Definitely NOT RECOMMENDED!

  • Tony

    As soon as you run into a problem they clam up. They stole money from my account and did nothing but put up a wall of BS. The intervention of Ruth B Liar was nothing more than an exercise is sweeping things under the carpet. After weeks of trying to get an answer they closed my account and that was an end to it. I never got my money. Paxum are thieves liars and cheats….stay well away from these people

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