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How to Fix Football Manager 2017 Startup Crashes [Part 2]

Views: 1,729 This tutorial instructs fixing ways of Football Manager 2017 game startup or in-game, saved-game crashes. You can try several ways below or just update your graphics driver to look up if things going good. Also you can give it a try by updating your FM 2017 with hot-fix. Some of […]

How to Solve Black Screen Issue on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Views: 2,563 This tutorial generated mainly for the black screen issues for our users. It would fix your black-screen or crash problem when you play Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege PC Game. There is not just one thing you can do to fix, there are several options you would have […]

How to Install Dishonored 2 From Winrar Archive Files

Views: 920 This short tutorial instructs how to install dishonored 2 pc game from the winrar archives -lots of files in it-. If you download this game and get winrar files you just need to do these things: You just select all .rar files Right click Extract all files Then […]

How to Change Text and Audio Language of Dishonored 2 Game

Views: 2,794 Here is the tutorial for the changing of language Dishonored 2 PC Game. You can do several things and we have a detailed instructions on for it: Before going into deep for the settings of the game – like coding etc. – try this adjustment: Please right […]

How to Solve Motorsport Manager Resolution and Game Crash Problem

Views: 4,537 This small tutorial just instructs ways on solving Motorsport Manager (Nov 2016) game screen resolution issue and in-game crash – freezing- problems. For the resolution problem you can do several things: First of all adjust your display resolution. Try Windowed Mode to play. Disable DPI Settings from the […]

How to Fix Multiple Screen Problem on Tyranny Game Setup

Views: 2,468 Some of our users reported that the new game “Tyranny” setup launcher is opening on multiple screens and not on main screen. We have found this problem’s fix and we hope it works for you all: Here is how you can access the setting with games that use […]

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