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How to Fix “Origin is not running” error on The Sims 4 Deluxe

Views: 1,515 If you get “Origin is not running” error when you try to open The Sims 4: Deluxe Edition and ALL DLCs/Add-ons,  follow these steps in order to fix it: 1) Check if you have RldOrigin.dll and RldOrigin_x64.dll in Game\Bin folder. These are crack files and they may false positive deleted […]

How Long Is Gemini: Heroes Reborn Game

Views: 600 Here is how long is Gemini: Heroes Reborn Game Guide: 1 HOUR relatively short. guessing that means around 5-7 hours  

How to Fix Undertale Game Music Problems

Views: 626 To people having problems with the music for Undertale game try the following fix:   Do not put the folder with the game in a directory that have a name with non-english characters. If your username contain characters such as á, é, í, ó, ú, ã, õ, ñ, […]

How to Fix “Could not find the latest Windows Media Player” Error on Dragons Dogma

Views: 1,721 If you Can’t launch the Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen game and Get error : “Could not find the latest Windows Media Player, please download from”. This site redirects you to Windows 10 download.. ; Try this Fix to overcome this startup crashing problem:   Turning off RenderingThread […]

How to Fix Startup Crash on Oxenfree Game

Views: 1,612 This article includes simple temporary fix tutorial for the game. Here is how to fix startup crash of Oxenfree game: Temporary solution might be playing without an internet connection. Not 100% sure this will help, but it does (or doesn’t) please let me know. and restore windows 7 […]

What are the Color Codes of Resources on Sol 0: Mars Colonization

Views: 685 Here is what colour corresponds to which for Sol 0: Mars Colonization game: Blue – ice (water) Red – ore White – Gypsum Yellow – Clay Green – Methane It announce what is found as the rover explores Clicking on ‘science’ on the will tell you what’s within its range […]

How to Fix Error on Echoes Of Aetheria Game Startup

Views: 556 If you get this error: “Script ‘Win32API’ line 305: RuntimeError occured. GetProcAddress: PhysicalToLogicalPoint or PhysicalToLogicalPointA” when you try to start Echoes Of Aetheria Game, follow these steps: Note: A patch for this issue is in the works (it is indeed an interaction with Windows XP). If you are using the […]

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