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Fix Not Opening, Freezing, Crash to Desktop and Black Screen Issues in PES 2017

Views: 1,027 We – Our Gameslopedy mailbox- are receiving a lot of emails from players complaining about “Not Opening, Freezing, Crash to Desktop and Black Screen” issues in PES 2017. Here is the fixes for these kind of errors: Close your Antivirus software before entering into game. This game uses […]

How to Solve FPS Drops in Dota 2

Views: 586 If you get lower fps (like 7-10) with your high spec graphic card in Dota 2 you can do just one thing to fix it: Just update the game or Just update your graphics drivers. Hope it will fixed! If you still have fps and performance issues please […]

How to Fix Lagging and Low FPS in ARK: Survival Evolved Game

Views: 820 Some of users reported lag and low fps issues in ARK: Survival Evolved. This article shows ways to improve your ARK: Survival Evolved pc game lagging and low fps issues. Try these steps below: See, GPUs or graphics cards go in the PCIe 1.0 2.0 and 3.0 slot […]

How to Fix Highest Disk Usage while playing GTA V

Views: 441 We have seen some of users reported high disk usage, fps problems, long loading’s and low performance issues on Grand Theft Auto 5. You can do several things by upgrading your system specs but you have to look over to these steps before moving to a new […]

How to Fix Steam Games Downloading Speed and Sudden Drops

Views: 1,068 Some of users reported on their steam game or update downloads starting then suddenly stops and occasionally downloading in very low speeds like 20-30 kbps or few hundred kilobytes per second while they are able to download up 10mb/sec. from the origin at the same time. We […]

How to Change Language in Disney Infinity 3.0 : Gold Edition

Views: 961 There are many users having issues to change their language in Disney Infinity 3.0 : Gold Edition pc game, this simple tutorial fixes your problems and help you to change the language into your native. The game is actually a standalone pack and it already contain a lot of […]

How to Fix “Failed to connect” Issue in Arizona Sunshine Game

Views: 636 This tutorial contains some workarounds to fix connectivity issues like “Failed to connect” problem in Arizona Sunshine Game. Try these steps to find your own workaround according to your system: First off all you have to look into Steam\steamapps\common\ArizonaSunshine\ArizonaSunshine_Data file and understand the error. If you don’t recognize the error […]

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