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4. Premium Video Tutorials, Possible Fixes, Guides, Short & Simple Fixes, Cheat Codes and more!


Note: We spend a lot of time to find out crash fixes, re-group, test and create topics about them. Also we have a lot of bandwidth requirements to maintain Gameslopedy website hosting, that's why we need your donation to this community, please register to our premium membership and join our community to help both of you and us...

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23 thoughts on “Premium Membership

    1. Easy to use, install, develop for, Newslopedy does it all and is a great base to get your project started. The interface has gotten significantly easier to use over the past few versions, and with shopify support, it’s a great way to access a quick and polished-looking content.

  1. Great service and plugin to serve videos, also it respects our privacy thanks you are the best

    A lil bit problem was activation problems on when you create an account but its immediately resolves by technical service.

  2. very sexy membership and great support. I bought Silver but need to upgrade because i couldnt access some of the videos on the site, pls give me discount 🙂

  3. All those movies are great for us as a Gold Member
    Also it has The right to vote for my
    favourite film or movie star

  4. Hey Newslopedy; You should add other filehostings (maybe all of that) to your fastest downloading box, because some file links arent working for that but its still useful if I thinking of membership benefits..

  5. i love newslopedy premium. I chose it for it’s ability to serve multiple download files. simple to set up works efficiently

  6. EXCELLENT SUPPORT , nice unlocking feature. Great contents. I bought Platinum and reached what i wanted. I hope in the future this site has its own flash player and serve videos inside it. Otherwise a great functionality to run videos and able to download to our computers. Some file hosts provide faster downloads some are not.

  7. Good support
    No direct downloading but fair high speeds
    Great watching content
    Rare media and useful titles of videos

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