The Websites Market Wrap: High-end sites make a splash on Flippa

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The Websites Market Wrap: High-end sites make a splash on Flippa is this week's top auction!

The top site of the week is, a 2-year-old health information site publishing highly researched articles on chronic pain. The site is currently generating $678/mo in verified AdSense revenue on top of 71,585 Unique Visits/mo (40% Social, 39% Organic Search.) This sale also includes a Facebook page with 33,000+ fans. After just a few days on the market the site has already hit $5,000 on24 bids.

Next up is this Confidential Listing for a 22-year-old PR4 software download site with 161,950 Unique Visits/mo and a $9,927/mo net profit. The site has over 10,000 keywords ranking top 10 on Google Germany and is sitting at $41,000on 3 bids with 12 days left.

Coming up next is, a question and answer site averaging over 6 million Page Views/mo on top of $5,306 in verified AdSense revenue. This sale includes a Facebook Page with 17,500 likes, and the auction is sitting at $13,500on 8 bids with 8 days left.

Next is, a 5-year-old PR3 tech blog with 60,526 Unique Visits/mo, 2,110 unique articles, and a $617/mo net profit. The sale also includes a Facebook pagewith 87,000+ fans and a Twitter account with 34,000 followers. After a few days on the market the site has rocketed up to $3,550 on 3 bids with 16 days left.

The top eCommerce site of is, an online drop shipping surf shop with 1,406 Unique Visits/mo (80% Organic Search) and a $629/mo net profit. This sale includes a Twitter account with 1,100 followers and aFacebook account with 1,300 likes. After just hitting the market this site is sitting at $100 on 3 bids.

Closing out this week's list is, a 1-year-old car blog that provides detailed specs on the acceleration and 0-60 mph times of various models. With 23,399 Unique Visits/mo, the site is making $173/mo verified AdSense revenue and sitting at $810 on 4 bids.

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