How to Fix NBA 2K16 Game Crash and Lagging

Views: 11,517 Here is the fixing tutorial for NBA 2K16 Game crash to desktop and lagging problems on most Geforce processor computers. This game comes with several conflicts and it must be fix in the future release with update or bug fix add-ons. But we can’t wait for this and […]

Fix Cities: Skylines Afterdark DLC Loading Screen Issue

Views: 4,660 This tutorial shows that how to fix ” Cities: Skylines Afterdark DLC ” Loading Screen Stuck Error. You need just simple steps to do it. Disable All Mods Run your game through steam with “-disableMods” and “-noWorkshop” . You need to disable all of your mods* Then this will […]

How to Change PC Game Languages Indirectly to English?

Views: 6,036 Most of the times computer games comes with different languages like russian, chinese etc. If you play games by simply downloading you will usually encounter this kind of issues. There are some ways on how to change it indirectly (by using the game files like .ini , .reg etc.). […]

Fix Startup Problem of SC2VN Game – The eSports Visual Novel

Views: 1,965 This simple tutorial shows that how to Fix Startup Problem of SC2VN Game – The eSports Visual Novel. Start-up Problem Problem: Whenever try to start the game with steam, it doesn’t. .Exe file load up but then disappears. A Quick Fix: Run .exe directly instead of Steam. Try […]

Victoria Secret’s Bombshell Bra

Views: 2,147 Picture Supply: Getty / Johnny Louis Whether or not you are a Kylie Jenner fan or not, you possibly can’t actually deny that the world has change into obsessed together with her. Her relationship with Tyga, her questionable trend decisions, and herever-rising lips — all of it has […]

Why is Skype Not Opening?

Views: 1,969 Today we all are facing issues with our Skype accounts. So, it isn’t login to our skype accounts via Windows (also for mobile and tablets). Although Microsoft says it isn’t hacked or hacking attempt it is implied by other people that’s its an hacker attack. Application authorities says that […]

How to Exclude Google Adsense From Specific Posts?

Views: 1,910 Google Adsense publisher has got a great plugin on wordpress for automatically publishing adsense codes, so its called: “Google Publisher” ; This plugin can be easily implement your Adsense codes into any WordPress pages/posts . However this plugin doesn’t have any option to exclude ads from specific posts. So, […]

Think twice before upgrading to IOS 9

Views: 2,687 Apple has been always innovative company and they easily upgrade their systems (like mobile, tablet and etc.) with software upgrades. However in this concern; the application update may cause your mobile phone reduced longevity. They say, it will improve battery life but probably it may have reverse effect. […]

How to Make “PES 2016” Game Run Faster?

Views: 34,397 In this tutorial, the most popular game “PES 2016” will in-depth analysis and we will find some ways in order to run this game much faster. There are lots of ways that we can improve performance and reduce lags. Some ways are useful some others not but you […]

Earn Money with JuicyAds for your Adult Business!

Views: 3,061 It’s always a webmaster’s wish to understand the website traffic and monetize it with reliable ads. But when it comes to the adult business, it’s pretty tough to find out the most reliable and highest cpm rated advertising firm. If you’re looking for ads for these kind of things […]

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