“Send Free SMS” Provider Website’s List on 2015

Views: 1,707 If you want to send or receive free sms online, then you would try these websites below; The first seven website has been tested, others are not tested yet. Note: Using is your own risk. Be careful on the sites if it looks scam to you. Vsimcard – Freedom […]

Can Xbox One Beat PS4?

Views: 985 Xbox One Exec Admits PS4 Has “Huge Lead,” Not Sure If Microsoft Can Catch Up “We’re not motivated by beating Sony, we’re motivated by gaining as many customers as we can.” The PlayStation 4 has a “huge lead” over the Xbox One, according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, […]

How to Fix Windows 10 Problems on New PC Games

Views: 1,948 For Windows 10, it’s the most problematic operating system nowadays for newly published games. So we have collected some useful info from Steam Forums and published here by us. Newslopedy Media Solutions tries to find a way for fix your game errors always every day. Windows 10 is […]

How to Fix Lagging on Might & Magic Heroes VII

Views: 7,704 Here’s another simple tutorial about fixing the game lags. It is very important to fix, because no one wants a system which runs games freezing. We created lots of tutorial videos for fixing game bugs, freezing and lagging. So, detailed tutorial video courses are only open for our […]

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