What is the Best GPU to Run Fallout 4 Faster? [2016]

Views: 1,640 What is the Best GPU to Run Fallout 4 Faster? and which is the best to buy is answered on this article: So, what would a good low/mid range GPU be to look for?   ANSWERS: For Fallout 4 with it’s GamesDoesn’tWorks go for Nvidia card, for 3/4 of […]

The Wick Game Patch, What does it do?

Views: 2,048 We noticed that there was a patch for Wick Game so here is what it does: Fixes a few little bugs. Fixed a small memory leak that could have used excess memory after playing for extended lengths of time. We fixed a bug with the candle flame. We fixed a […]

Rocket League pub replays

Views: 1,764 Below is a link with saved replays that can be downloaded for some of the tog pug games. Replays – Rocket League Replays    

How to Make Fallout 4 Game Run Faster

Views: 4,242 This tutorial contains instructions about Lag fixes on Fallout 4 PC Game. It is text based and includes detailed instructions. You will get Comprehensive Fix when you read all of the context. This is what I did, but depending on your tastes you can go for a higher […]

Fallout 4 – English Language Patch

Views: 13,419 If you are looking to buy the best Gaming PC to play Fallout 4, why not visit Fierce PC Download English Language Patch and english strings for Fallout 4 from this article: fallout.4.english Note: Change above file from .txt to .torrent so it will work. Installation: 1) Go to […]

Best Fix For Fallout 4 Black Screen of Death

Views: 3,273 This Article Hidden Content Contains Best Fix For Fallout 4 Black Screen of Death and changing the Language to English: Download En strings and replace Rename video files to En **** MAIN TIPS **** Want the launcher in en? Open steam_api and change language from russian to english […]

BEST Sniper rifle on Fallout 4

Views: 3,073 This article contains instructions about BEST Sniper rifle on Fallout 4 PC Game: A player’s choice of sniping weapon is going to fall into a matter of personal taste and needs. I personally use the Pipe Bolt Action Rifle as my sniping weapon of choice most of the time. […]

Why Blood Code Game Looks Like Castlevania?

Views: 1,856 POSSIBLE ANSWERS TO THAT QUESTION: As far as I can tell, (I’ve played most of the 2D Castlevanias) only the title font has similar look to other Castlevania titles. …………and its not like Konami cares about Castlevania anymore… Newest Castlevania was a pachinko game.   Because it fits […]

How to Fix “ADDOLIST BOUND ERROR” on Dungeon Lords Steam Edition

Views: 3,454 Includes Comprehensive Fix Tutorials for HOTFIX – DEEP6: ADDOLIST BOUND ERROR Fixed: Faulty vertex compare to exclude bad tris during collision detection, which could result in errant coordinate calculations and fatal olist bound errors. Additionally modified the olist code so that a boundary error is no longer fatal, […]

sZone-Online Trapped in the limbo Bug Fix

Views: 2,030 If your character in sZone-Online is trapped in the limbo of a vanished ground area and unable to move in any direction. You can do the fix below: ANSWER/FIX: Our FAQ http://steamcommunity.com/app/316390/discussions/0/618453594739681320/ advises two commands: If your character gets stuck in the textures – type /ground in the chat – […]

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