What is the Best GPU to Run Fallout 4 Faster? [2016]

Views: 1,372 What is the Best GPU to Run Fallout 4 Faster? and which is the best to buy is answered on this article: So, what would a good low/mid range GPU be to look for?   ANSWERS: For Fallout 4 with it’s GamesDoesn’tWorks go for Nvidia card, for 3/4 of […]

The Wick Game Patch, What does it do?

Views: 1,768 We noticed that there was a patch for Wick Game so here is what it does: Fixes a few little bugs. Fixed a small memory leak that could have used excess memory after playing for extended lengths of time. We fixed a bug with the candle flame. We fixed a […]

Rocket League pub replays

Views: 1,501 Below is a link with saved replays that can be downloaded for some of the tog pug games. Replays – Rocket League Replays    

How to Make Fallout 4 Game Run Faster

Views: 3,440 This tutorial contains instructions about Lag fixes on Fallout 4 PC Game. It is text based and includes detailed instructions. You will get Comprehensive Fix when you read all of the context. This is what I did, but depending on your tastes you can go for a higher […]

Fallout 4 – English Language Patch

Views: 10,929 If you are looking to buy the best Gaming PC to play Fallout 4, why not visit Fierce PC Download English Language Patch and english strings for Fallout 4 from this article: fallout.4.english Note: Change above file from .txt to .torrent so it will work. Installation: 1) Go to […]

Best Fix For Fallout 4 Black Screen of Death

Views: 2,771 This Article Hidden Content Contains Best Fix For Fallout 4 Black Screen of Death and changing the Language to English: Download En strings and replace Rename video files to En **** MAIN TIPS **** Want the launcher in en? Open steam_api and change language from russian to english […]

BEST Sniper rifle on Fallout 4

Views: 2,674 This article contains instructions about BEST Sniper rifle on Fallout 4 PC Game: A player’s choice of sniping weapon is going to fall into a matter of personal taste and needs. I personally use the Pipe Bolt Action Rifle as my sniping weapon of choice most of the time. […]

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