Why Blood Code Game Looks Like Castlevania?

Views: 1,114 POSSIBLE ANSWERS TO THAT QUESTION: As far as I can tell, (I’ve played most of the 2D Castlevanias) only the title font has similar look to other Castlevania titles. …………and its not like Konami cares about Castlevania anymore… Newest Castlevania was a pachinko game.   Because it fits […]

How to Fix “ADDOLIST BOUND ERROR” on Dungeon Lords Steam Edition

Views: 2,324 Includes Comprehensive Fix Tutorials for HOTFIX – DEEP6: ADDOLIST BOUND ERROR Fixed: Faulty vertex compare to exclude bad tris during collision detection, which could result in errant coordinate calculations and fatal olist bound errors. Additionally modified the olist code so that a boundary error is no longer fatal, […]

sZone-Online Trapped in the limbo Bug Fix

Views: 1,235 If your character in sZone-Online is trapped in the limbo of a vanished ground area and unable to move in any direction. You can do the fix below: ANSWER/FIX: Our FAQ http://steamcommunity.com/app/316390/discussions/0/618453594739681320/ advises two commands: If your character gets stuck in the textures – type /ground in the chat – […]

Fix “Unable to Connect to NVIDIA” Problem

Views: 2,285 This tutorial is just a fix for “Unable to Connect to NVIDIA” error when you try to update your drivers from Geforce Experience Panel. Just go to: http://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/download Download Install Fix the error. Thats it.

How to Fix Missing File Error on Men of War Assault Squad 2?

Views: 3,548 This simple tutorial mainly targeted Men of War Assault Squad 2 game missing file error like “steam_api” or missing steam_api.dll etc. Here is the fix: For those who has a missing file error like “steam_api” Uninstall/Remove the game. Close Windows Defender and any virus protections. Open setup,wait,enjoy. Hope you can fix […]

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