What is the meaning of “Fully Unlocked” on PC Games?

Views: 7,953 This article explains “Fully Unlocked” term meaning on pc game titles: “Fully Unlocked” in gaming term means you don’t need to install the game. because it comes pre-installed. People, you definitely need some knowledge. Stop complaining and learn something new.  

How to Fix “Origin is not running” Error on PC Games

Views: 2,783 If you have “Origin is not running” error on The Sims 4 Deluxe Edition – follow these steps to fix on this post : 1) Check if you have RldOrigin.dll and RldOrigin_x64.dll in Game\Bin folder. They may false positive deleted by your antivirus. 1a) NO FILES! Bingo! Say […]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Street Fighter 5 PC Game

Views: 2,319 Here , we have keyboard shortcuts for  Street Fighter 5 PC Game: You cant change the keybord bindings because this game has not that option.in game: w-a-s-d & arrows for move g-h-j for punchs b-n-m for kicks in menus: b for accept n for back also this street fighter has […]

How to Make Kindred Spirits on the Roof Game Run Faster

Views: 2,430 These are the tips for making Kindred Spirits on the Roof Game run faster and fix for freezing problems: Disable steam overlay if you can…. Settings/in-Game Until a proper fix is issued, I would recommend running as administrator, as I had no issues after doing so. right click the […]

How to Solve Not Saving Issue on Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition

Views: 4,724 If you are having problems with Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition on saving game try the following things; Found a solution for game not saving You need to go folder where game was installed and click properties unmark ”read only” Second you need to go to c>program data>steam>rld […]

How to Make Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Game Run Faster

Views: 5,513 This is the boosting tutorial for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 game: For some of the Laptop users having problem : Step 1: Go to your NVIDIA control panel. Step 2: Go to manage 3D settings. Step 3: Put on the program settings tab and select NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: […]

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