How to Make Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Game Run Faster

Views: 3,965 This is the boosting tutorial for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 game: For some of the Laptop users having problem : Step 1: Go to your NVIDIA control panel. Step 2: Go to manage 3D settings. Step 3: Put on the program settings tab and select NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: […]

Installation Guide on Fallout 4 Repack for Non-Russian Gamers

Views: 1,420 If you do not know Russian language and wanna install Fallout 4 Repack even with russian language this short guide is exactly for you: Click on the right arrow thing, set your install directory, right arrow again twice, wait for the install. DX and C++ are in English, […]

Testing Article: “Gaming at 1440p”

Views: 842 After months of thinking about switching from 1080p to 1440p i finally pulled the trigger. My biggest hurdle to overcome was that i had to trade in exces of 30% performance on my GTX980 TI and that i had to lower some details. The monitor that i had […]

How to Fix Crash Using Wheel on American Truck Simulator

Views: 1,207 Here is the Crash fix while using a wheel in American Truck Simulator 2016: If you have a driving wheel and want to use it in this game, then you may have to wait. The game currently crashes while using a wheel for playing. The only solution is […]

How to Get/Download Slime Rancher Game’s Updated Version

Views: 1,482 Try following instruction to get or download the latest version for Slime Rancher Game; You can download the game from the Dev’s forum, all it takes is to register – then you are given login&pass to download site that also is the place to get updated versions. Just FYI. […]

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