How to Fix Startup Crash on Stardew Valley

Views: 2,774 This article contains simple fixes for Startup Crash on Stardew Valley PC Game: Go to your game directory/_CommonReddist/XNA/4.0 –run and install the xnafx40_redist and you should be good. Install all vredist before start the game Good luck!

How to Make The Bus Simulator 16 Game Run Faster [Lag Fixing]

Views: 4,665 Here is the tips for making the Bus Simulator 16 Game Run Faster on your PC ; We found a lot of users fixed their game lags with these tips below: Check if the Bus Simulator is launched with the correct GPU, it might be that windows uses the integrated […]

How to Fix Far Cry Primal Startup Crash

Views: 1,710 Here is a simple fix for Far Cry Primal Game Startup Crash: Check integrity/verify files on both Steam and Uplay? Update driver? -Nvidia has a new game ready driver for Primal released today. Update driver.. Another solution: You have to have multiple screens, change settings and made it that […]

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