FPS and Crash Fix for NBA 2K17 [%100 Working]

Views: 3,839 In order to make NBA 2K17 game run faster and at higher fps rates you can do following things, these may also apply for crashing on game: Make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements. Update your GPU to the latest driver, compatible with NBA 2K17. (our […]

How to Fix Lagging on PES 2017 – Part 2

Views: 12,221 Try to do following things in order to make your PES 2017 run more faster: -If you have an Nivida card – try going to the NVIDIA control panel. Go to the program settings for Pes 2017 and set “Preferred refresh rate” to “Application-Controlled”, and “Vertical Sync” to […]

How to Fix FDDN533 FDDN529 Error Messages on PES 2017

Views: 33,035 We have recently had a few questions about how to fix the error message: “Please make sure your network settings are configured correctly. CODE: FDDN533”. Or in other cases FDDN529. The fix is pretty simple and relates to your, you guessed it, network settings. There are two fixes […]

How to Make PES 2017 Game Run Faster

Views: 15,360 For improving performance on Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 you should need to do several things. Most of new popular games requires more system resources, so please disable all of your software before opening this game. As a follow up, you first need to check these fix videos up: […]

How to Fix Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Game 720p Resolution Problem

Views: 19,482 Some players faces problems on not increasing screen resolution upper from the 720p. They can’t choose 1080p for PES 2017. For fixing the PES 2017’s Screen Resolution Follow these instructions: Go to your Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Game Folder Find Settings.exe Right click on it. Find Compatibility tab. Select […]

Download GeForce Experience Manually Against Errors

Views: 21,381 Download Link for GeForce Experience Manually Against Errors when you try to update but fail: CLICK HERE! The above link is so useful if you can’t automatically update from the Geforce Experience Window. Just Click on it and download manually, after install it to your PC. If that download […]

How to Fix “Police Tactics: Imperio” Game Startup Crash?

Views: 2,326 This tutorial instructs how to completely fix startup crash on Police Tactics: Imperio PC Game: Firstly please restart your computer. You should have updated your NVIDIA or AMD drivers. Wait for a new patch. Try to lower your graphic settings. Send your dxdiag reports in gameslopedy. Try to run […]

How to Run World of Warcraft: Legion PC Game Faster

Views: 2,315 These are the steps that you have to do about preventing stuttering and freezes on World of Warcraft: Legion edition: Disable Antivirus and other taskbar programs Disable Crossfire right-click your desktop and select “Catalyst Control Center”. On the upper-left click “Graphics”, then “CrossfireX”. In the main area of the window, […]

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