How to Find Editor of Football Manager 2017

Views: 1,389 The Editor of Football Manager 2017 must be installed in the same parent directory where resides your Football Manager 2017 installation: For example if you installed FM2017 in D:\Games\Football Manager 2017, the editor must be installed to D:\Games\Football Manager 2017 Editor. If for any reason you can’t do […]

How to change language in Get Even Game

Views: 2,459 You can change language with steam. emu file. You find it where you install the game : C:\Program Files\Get Even. Open this file. It’s an .txt. In this line : ### Language that will be used in the game ### Language=english >> instead of english choose the language […]

How to Solve Crash in Total War: WARHAMMER -while loading battles-

Views: 4,429 If your Total War: WARHAMMER game crashed when loading battles you can only use auto resolve battle. But there are also other steps you can do to find the fix: Disable antivirus – had same problem Install all prerequisites from _CommonRedist folder (in game folder) Update Graphics card […]

How to Fix Assert Failed Error on Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court Game

Views: 3,138 Some of users having this error messages on Darkest Dungeon: The Crimson Court and for the main game. Here is the error message body:   Assert Failed: (write_successful) StorageManager::TransferFile in storage_manager.cpp line 771 couldn’t write whole file ESC to skip Here is the fixes for it: First of […]

Crash Fixes of Friday the 13th: The Game and its Patches

Views: 1,498 Our users reported us: Friday the 13th: The Game (PC) crashes  in 4 hour session 4-5 times each: So its extremely annoying and would have never happen before patch. Here is a simple fix for it: Verify cache it solved it for me. Play it on full […]

How to Fix FPS rates in Outlast 2

Views: 1,362 The game seems locked at 24 FPS (or some other low refresh rate) you can fix it by doing these: There are 2 possible solutions for that:   You can try adding the -refreshrate 60 (replace 60 by the refresh rate you want) to the command line. This […]

How to Lower Stuttering on Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Views: 1,731 If your Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is stuttering on your PC you can just do a few things: If you have a 8 GB of Ram, buy another 8 GB. So it will be good for you to have double. This would reduce stuttering on Ghost Warrior. Use […]

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