How to Enable VSync in The Dwarves Game

Views: 2,036 This simple tutorial shows how to enable vsync in the dwarves game and other which doesnt have this option: First of all you can wait for the developer to add this option into game. Or go to this link. Download D3Doverrider. Add the Dwarves.exe to its list of programs. Thats […]

How to Change Farming Simulator 17 Language to English

Views: 18,514 If you install Farming Simulator 17 and find this game in language other than english like chinese or russian and you want to change it to English, this simple tutorial instructs you how to do that: First of all you need to do following tips; Go on the Steam_api […]

How to Find “Youtubers Life” Game Saved Files and Trainer Hack

Views: 2,971 If you are having trouble about finding your saved games on Youtubers Life game. Then look at this folder: Here is the folder path for this game: C:\Users\YOUR — USER\Documents\U-Play online\Youtubers Life\Saves For trainer look at this video:

Most Useful Tools For Best Game Performance and Video Quality

Views: 1,864 For best performance and video quality, please make sure you have these tools and download from Gameslopedy; the latest drivers for your video card and DirectX when running this game. Latest ATI Drivers: Latest NVIDIA Drivers: Nvidia Physx Software: DirectX End-User Runtime: Microsoft Visual […]

SC Squadron/guild logos – Conceptual idea for Star Citizen

Views: 1,807 While trying to survive the aftermath of the New Year celebration an idea for our logo popped into our head. Before we commit ourself to the steep learning curve of basic graphic design here is a conceptual idea and our thinking behind it: I would love to hear your thoughts/comments/advice on it. […]

Gear calculator for ArcheAge MMORPG Game

Views: 3,222 We’ve found a Gear calculator for ArcheAge MMORPG Game: Just found this one: Still beta it seems, but a nice start  

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