Why Online Bingo Is a Growing Game

Views: 35 Thanks to technology, people can now play online games from the comfort of their homes, offices or on the go. Making trips to the casino to try your luck at winning millions is no longer the norm; most people now browse through hundreds of online games on the […]

Expectations and Reality: Poker on a Knife Blade

Views: 745 Sponsored Post Planning on throwing a dice and indulging the trills offered by casinos? Read through this review to find out the expectations and reality of poker. Poker is regarded as one of the most popular games worldwide. Each day, thousands of people play for real money over […]

Why you should use VPN for Gaming

Views: 672 Best VPN for games: We chose Ivacy VPN Internet took the games to another level and most players regularly play some kind of online game. Online games carry their own share of risks, including the always feared DDoS attack. For those looking for a way to play online […]

Why is free data recovery software so important for gamers?

Views: 492 We explain why your gaming computer needs to have a data recovery policy and how to manage data loss Data is one of the most powerful weapons a company has. Provides key information about employees, customers, products and competitors. It is collected from a large number of sources […]

Everything you need to know about online casinos

Views: 662 Sponsored Post: Everything you need to know about online casinos Have you ever tried your hand at playing online casinos? Today it is not only one of the most common ways of spending free time, but also a source of alternative income. Many online casinos collected here: https://best-gamblingsites.co.uk […]

Why Do You Need An Antivirus?

Views: 523 Why Do You Need An Antivirus? Thanks to growing internet-based lifestyles the extent of damage from viruses is a lot greater now, especially considering the increasing value of information as a commodity. Unfortunately, this draws hackers to viruses, even more, leading to faster and more complex development of […]

How to Play Portal Knights : Villainous Game on LAN

Views: 350 LAN play works great on Portal Knights : Villainous: No router or server file settings needed. -Run “portal_knights_x64.exe”>Play >Create Character>Enter Name>Click ‘Gear’ icon to right of play>Must choose ‘Anyone in my LAN’ for who can join me (or else when clicking on ‘local network’ nothing will appear -to […]

How to play Age of Empires : Definitive Edition on LAN Mode

Views: 2,732 For LAN mode make a few modifications to the xbox_live.json file in the root of the game directory: 1) You must change at least one value of the “userID” to make it unique from the other computer(s) on the network – If you don’t, then it WILL not […]

How to Solve GPU Shortage?

Views: 744 Thegreatsetup website owner prepared a great article on what to do about the GPU Shortage, please have a look there: 5 Best Solutions will give you great fixing. What To Do About The GPU Shortage (5 Solutions)

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