Step by Step Image Tutorial on How to Verify Your Game Cache

Step by Step Image Tutorial on How to Verify Your Game Cache

Views: 852 Here is the Step by Step Tutorial for Verifying Your PC Game Cache Thorough Steam Menus: Validate your game files to fix most of the problems: Restart your computer and launch Steam From the Library section, right-click on the game and select Properties from the menu. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of […]

How to Find Editor of Football Manager 2017

Views: 1,064 The Editor of Football Manager 2017 must be installed in the same parent directory where resides your Football Manager 2017 installation: For example if you installed FM2017 in D:\Games\Football Manager 2017, the editor must be installed to D:\Games\Football Manager 2017 Editor. If for any reason you can’t do […]

A Brief History of Esports [Infographic]

Views: 978 With gaming set to evolve again over the next few years with the introduction and growth of augmented reality and virtual reality gaming, we decided to take a quick look back at just how far esports has come.   The past decade has seen a surge in the […]

How to Get Hitman Blood Money Experience

Views: 1,221 This simple guide shows how to get Hitman Blood Money Experience in the Hitman 2017 Game. Just follow these instructions: Deactivate the opportunity mode Deactivate the x vision mode Then this will be the best of the saga. Hope it would work for lovers.

How many times you do have to wait for a Steam Game Refund

Views: 1,412 This article shows how much times you should have to wait if you refund a game in steam: Here are the times you should have to wait for a refund money appear on your bank/card or steam account: If refunding to your steam account: It is usually refunded […]

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