Why you should use VPN for Gaming

Views: 706 Best VPN for games: We chose Ivacy VPN Internet took the games to another level and most players regularly play some kind of online game. Online games carry their own share of risks, including the always feared DDoS attack. For those looking for a way to play online […]

Why is free data recovery software so important for gamers?

Views: 511 We explain why your gaming computer needs to have a data recovery policy and how to manage data loss Data is one of the most powerful weapons a company has. Provides key information about employees, customers, products and competitors. It is collected from a large number of sources […]

How to Fix Controller Problem in Project CARS 2 Game

Views: 2,802 We have reported an issue with the controllers (logitech G29 , G25, Xbox 360 controller etc.) while playing Project CARS 2 Game. You can fix controller issue by several workarounds. Here is the troubleshoot for it: 1. Learn how to setup the car 2. Learn how to drive. 3. […]

Why You Should Have SSD for Your Games

Views: 1,252 There are lot of reasons to why you should have SSD for improving your game performances. The most important thing is you can open and start your games more faster and smoothly by SSD. Even just a cheap SSD could improve your loading. We have tested it with […]

ROMs games: a Childhood Memory

roms gameslopedy

Views: 1,260 In case you are a die-hard games fan, you should have heard about ROMs hundreds of times. So, what are the ROMs games? It is nothing more but well-known software on the video game cassettes. Some time ago the ROMs games were available on the plug-in cartridges only. […]

HTC Vive and SteamVR and its FPS Affect on “Observer” Game

Views: 1,335 If you have plugged HTC Vive and SteamVR and you try to run Observer PC Game then you would have FPS drop to 2-3 rates. So, you should have to unplug them from your device in order to run higher performance. That’s it. Always check your external hardware to […]

How to Record Video Game Footage with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

Views: 1,400 Do you want to record footage of your favorite video games directly from your Mac’s screen so that you can share your exploits with your friends? By using a screen recorder, you can do just that – and you could even record video game footage from other sources, […]

How to Change Screen Resolution of Unravel Game

Views: 2,329 If you have an old monitor like CRT or something else and you want to change the resolution for Unravel PC Game , try these: Resolution can be set ingame on options menu You can try press “alt+enter” while game running to alternate to windowed mode (though there […]

How to Lower Stuttering on Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

Views: 1,731 If your Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is stuttering on your PC you can just do a few things: If you have a 8 GB of Ram, buy another 8 GB. So it will be good for you to have double. This would reduce stuttering on Ghost Warrior. Use […]

How to Fix Microphone Issue in Star Trek: Bridge Crew Game

Views: 3,275 Here is the fixes/troubleshoots for it: SteamVR settings -> Audio set record device to HTC Vive microphone… Disabled all other mic sources from windows recording devices than (USB Audio device (Vive mic(test it by making sound to yor HMD mic and make sure that mic bar rices in […]

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