Nefertiti’s Tomb: Found or Not?

Views: 1,497 Has Nefertiti’s tomb finally been found? (CNN)Nefertiti has kept on catching our aggregate creative energy all through the ages. Yet no follow has been found of the fanciful “excellent one” who ruled crosswise over Egypt at her spouse’s side… until, potentially, now. Nicholas Reeves, a British excavator at […]

Old American Glory in Havana

Views: 1,548 Raising of Old Glory in Havana expected to help heal old wounds Havana, Cuba (CNN)On Friday, the American flag will once again fly over the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, the most potent symbol of the shift in relations between two countries that throughout the Cold War bristled with […]

China is Still Burning…!

Views: 1,499 China explosions: Fires still burning after Tianjin blasts Fires are still burning at the site of two massive explosions in the Chinese city of Tianjin, some 36 hours after the blasts. A team of military chemical experts is testing for toxic gases at the scene and rescuers have […]

Julian Assange and the Ecuadorian Embassy

Views: 1,247 Swedish Prosecutors Drop Some Assange Claims The Wikileaks founder has been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for so long the claims are now ‘time barred’. Sweden has formally dropped its investigation into some of the allegations against Julian Assange because it has run out of […]

Kim Kardashian’s All Content Is Banning On Popular Gossip Site

Views: 1,288 Perez Hilton is banning all Kardashian content for 1 week Perez Hilton is going on a Kardashian “kleanse.” The blogger is clearly tired of staying aware of the Kardashians, and has pledged to a webpage wide, week-long media power outage on the well known gang. “From August 17-21, […]

John Kerry Says: “Dollar Could Suffer…”

Views: 1,326  By Warren Strobel Dollar could suffer if U.S. walks away from Iran deal: John Kerry NEW YORK (Reuters) – If the United States leaves the atomic manage Iran and requests that its partners conform to U.S. sanctions, a loss of trust in U.S. administration could debilitate the dollar’s […]

U.S. War Plane Crashed in Germany…!

Views: 1,347 U.S. F-16 crashes in Germany; pilot safe Smoke is visible in the distance where a U.S. F-16 crashed Tuesday in Germany’s Bavaria region. (CNN)A pilot ejected from a U.S. F-16 before it crashed Tuesday morning in a forested area in Germany’s Bavaria region, the U.S. Air Force said. […]

Propaganda War Starts For South and North Korea

Views: 1,436 South Korea: Propaganda broadcasts at North to resume after landmines South Korea vows North will pay ‘harsh price’ for landmine deaths CNN Seoul, South Korea (CNN)South Korea says it will resume television publicity messages over its vigorously equipped fringe with North Korea in striking back for landmine impacts […]

World Trade Center Jumpers are in front of the Judge…!

Views: 1,454 World Trade Center jumpers ‘sullied memory’ of 9/11 dead Two base jumpers who parachuted off New York’s One World Trade Center “sullied the recollections” of 9/11 casualties, a judge has said. Andrew Rossig, 34, and James Brady, 33, were indicted neglectful risk and unapproved moving regarding the hop […]

Greece is on Agreement of €86bn

Views: 1,419 Greece Nears Agreement On €86bn Bailout Deal Negotiators from both sides are “combing through the final text”, Greek officials say, but concerns remain for some creditors. Transactions on a third Greek bailout could be closed by tomorrow, over a week prior to a €3bn (£2.1bn) obligation reimbursement to […]

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