Cities Skylines Parklife Update V1.10.1-f3 [Download]

Update v1.10.1-f3:
no changelog was posted.

Update v1.10.1-f2:
Cities: Skylines base game
● Updated to Unity 5.6.6f2
● Added Privacy Policy notification
● Fixed: All custom made roads require Parklife DLC
● Fixed: Metro stations in Assets that have built-in Metro Station become inoperable when the
asset is slightly flooded but not collapsed
● Fixed: Public Transport Line lengths have inconsistent divergences between different
transport types
● Fixed: Unnecessary prop signs on One-way Highway with Sound Barriers
● Fixed: Passenger Ships stuck on moving around while being on Confused state
● Fixed: Paths that the Ships are using are shown incorrectly in Traffic Routes Info View
● Fixed: Cargo Ships can get stuck and block all ship traffic
● Fixed: Translation issue in RU in Keymapping Settings
● Fixed: Office buildings are unable to grow if player has European / Vanilla style enabled in
European / Temperate themes
● Fixed: Can't start the game, Unity Engine error creating display list
● Fixed: Custom sub-mesh LOD textures getting corrupted

ParkLife expansion:
● Forest fire is not affecting Parklife assets till Milestone 5
● Steam tags for Parklife DLC
● Fixed: Honu island and Cavern Coast have long loading times
● Fixed: Animated citizens on Piggy train periodically are missing cloth textures
● Fixed: Park Main Gates that are placed directly to a Built-in road (E.g. Ferry Stop) will not
count visitors
● Fixed: Tooltip description of Hot Air Balloons Tours is not localized entirely in RU
● Fixed: Park Areas create 'Coverage' for Park Maintenance Info View
● Fixed: Park Maintenance Building does not generate 'Coverage' for Park Maintenance Info

Mass Transit expansion:
● Reduced noise pollution and radius of Monorail Stations

Natural Disasters expansion:
● Adjusted cost of construction and upkeep of Medical, Police and Fire Helicopter depots

Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Colossal Order Ltd.
Publisher: Paradox Interactive

Release Name: Cities.Skylines.Parklife.Update.v1.10.1-f3
Size: 263 MB

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