Predicting The Next Big Mobile Games for AR

Title: Predicting The Next Big Mobile Games for AR

The arrival of VR and AR happened quickly, and mobile devices were among the first to become compatible with the new technology. Thanks to the Samsung Gear VR, Google Pixel Daydream, and plenty of cheaper, simpler headsets that work with mobile phones, more and more people are enjoying these experiences every day. But while the industry has already started to emerge, it’s expected to experience a growth rate of 82 percent by the end of 2021, as we’ve noted previously. But what exactly will be driving that growth?

In part it’s going to be simple improvements in technology and development. The better the headsets, the more realistic the experiences will be; and the more capable the devices are, the more tools developers will have to play with. Games in a few years are likely going to be a lot more impressive than most of what people are playing now. But which types of games are going to rise above the rest?

The first type of game that comes to mind is a monster capturing experience like what millions of people have enjoyed with Pokémon GO. It was said that Pokémon GO brought augmented reality to the mainstream, and that’s not an exaggeration. It wasn’t necessarily a pioneer, because if it hadn’t come out we’d still be talking about what’s next in AR. But Pokémon GO was a worldwide sensation, and that’s good for something. Many have expected spin-offs or knock-offs ever since the game first surfaced, and we haven’t really seen any yet. But there’s no shortage of franchises that could imitate the game’s basic format with their own creatures, monsters, etc. This is probably right around the corner.

Poker and card games are also likely beneficiaries of the AR revolution that’s on its way. It was announced not too long ago that the company NetEnt was introducing the first VR slot, which should help to transfer the online casino business to exciting new gaming formats. But while a slot might be thrilling in a VR environment that simulates a real life casino, card games such as poker and blackjack may translate more effectively to AR. All you need is a surface in front of you and you can lay down digital cards like you’re playing casually across from friends. It’s not something that takes advantage of the full excitement of digital environments, but it’s a type of gaming that should work flawlessly in the medium.

You may also want to keep your eye on the budding genre of games centered on artistic creation. This is something we’ve seen a good bit of on VR already (Tiltbrush comes to mind), but it’s also made its way into AR. An app called Quiver has already landed on a best AR games list despite the fact that it’s essentially a digital coloring book. The idea is to color in figures and then use your mobile device to bring them to life. It’s a unique example, but it shows one of many ways in which AR can be used for creative, game-like purposes.

These are just a few of many suggestions. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens with augmented reality, but these are games that figure to be out in front of most other genres and styles.

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