4 Ways to Fix Black Screen Textures on Cache and Maps in CS: GO

Here is the 4 different ways/workarounds to fix Black Screen Textures on Cache and other Maps in Counter Strike Global Offensive Game. There is nothing for you to do rather than finding and trying these workarounds:

  • Just restart your game first. But if it takes longer for you try other steps.
  • Try to tab out, back in, then pressing escape. Worked every time for us.
  • Hit esc. In game go to video settings look at your res. Remember what it is right now change it to the lowest you can go, then change it back to your native setting.
    • Switch resolution and back 4:3 1280x960.
  • Changing res/shadow textures fixes it.
    • Changing resolutions to something and back gets the job done.

Hope it works!

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