Fix Not Opening, Freezing, Crash to Desktop and Black Screen Issues in PES 2017

We - Our Gameslopedy mailbox- are receiving a lot of emails from players complaining about "Not Opening, Freezing, Crash to Desktop and Black Screen" issues in PES 2017.

Here is the fixes for these kind of errors:

  • Close your Antivirus software before entering into game. This game uses online features a lot. That is why you should close your antivirus or internet security.
  • Verify your game cache from Steam: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2017"
  • Try to close your Fraps and MSI Afterburner softwares for AMD graphic cards.
  • Try to not run in full screen mode. So, you can change its settings to windowed mode.
  • Hope it will fixed!

If you still have questions please comment below:


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