How to Fix Counter Strike: Global Offensive Game Startup Issues

This tutorial shows how to fix startup crash problems on CS GO game. There are several startup errors and fixes, please follow the instructions below:

One of our Gameslopedy Forums user mentioned that " it (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) opens the main launcher, but after that the launcher gets removed why?"

To fix this do these steps :

  • Your antivirus would removes the launcher of CS GO. Add the launcher path to your antivirus exceptions list.
  • You need to make sure that your AntiVirus doesn't flag specific files (pre/post installation/update).
  • If it does, just move them to the exceptions list.
  • You can also read how to make some games/folders/files exception from the Antivirus or Internet Security via their support webpages.

Note: If you get dll errors. Just install DirectX or update or downgrade to your system.

Another possible way of fixing the dll errors is downloading those files from internet and upload into your system folders.

If you still havent fixed your CS GO Startup or other problems please post to our gameslopedy forums:

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