How to Fix Deus Ex: Mankind Divided PC Game Installation and Saved Game Problems

There are many users on our gameslopedy forums complaining about Deus Ex: Mankind Divided PC Game installation issues. Some of them are getting error messages, some others are not opening the game after installation. So we have prepared a guide to fix those crash game errors.

Try these steps to correctly install Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Game:

  • Install Steam.
  •  Login to your steam account.
  •  Try Offline mode in steam.
  •  Run deus ex game exe.
  •  Uninstall Steam again (if you want)
  •  Hope it works!

Important Note: If you still get problems thats probably you haven’t copied correctly the game files or your antivirus has removed the exe files or blocked them.

  • So just add those files to the white/exclusion list on your antivirus or disable your antivirus and recopy the game exe file.
  • Put those files in the retail folder, Not the main install directory. It will work perfectly! ( Sometimes Steam is not required in anyways… Put the file in the correct location (retail folder) and you are good to go!)

Alternative Installation Issue Fix:

  • Open Steam,
  • login into you account,
  • Go offline and launch the game,
  • you only need to do it one time,
  • now you can play without open Steam.

Saved Game Files Don't Working Fix:

  • run the game as administrator
  • right-click in the game .exe
  • run as administrator!

Those above are just workarounds. So if you still can not run the game or saved game files please post your questions into our

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