How to Fix Highest Disk Usage while playing GTA V

We have seen some of users reported high disk usage, fps problems, long loading's and low performance issues on Grand Theft Auto 5. You can do several things by upgrading your system specs but you have to look over to these steps before moving to a new system.

Just do the following fixes and you see these workarounds will fix that issue in GTA V:

  • First of all try verifying the games files.
  • Go to Rockstar folder in "My Documents" then>>
  • >>Delete the settings file and set up your graphics options again with lower settings.
    • or reset your settings..
  • Switch to Windowed Borderless Mode.
  • And the best important part is: you should disable your automatic windows updates in the background. This could cause high disk usages.
    • or turning off your PC and completely draining the power will also do the trick.
  • Hope it works for you to improve your GTA 5 speed and loading times.

If you still have any loading issues with GTA V then please post your questions to gameslopedy forums.

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