How to Fix Loading Screen Freezing on Civilization VI

Some of our forum users ( reported screen freezing issue when trying to open save games or starting the game exe. The loading screen doesn’t ends. So we have created a simple fix for it.

Please follow these steps and fix this issue:

  • Go to Settings –>
  • Go Updated & Security –>
  • Enter Windows Defender –>
  • Add an exclusion –>
  • Exclude a folder –>
  • Add Civ VI folder or all of steam.

Or you just have to disable Windows Defender completely:

Turn off windows defender



Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender > Exclusions (add steam common folder to this)


We hope that this simple fix solve your loading screen stuck issue on Sid Meier’s Civilization VI PC Game.

If you have any other questions please visit our forum discussion:

CIV 6 Freezing Issue Fix

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