How to Fix “Origin isn’t running” Error in The Sims 4 Living [All DLC Pack]

This tutorial shows how to fix "Unable to start Origin Client isn't currently running" Error in The Sims 4 Living game startup. You can try to do several workarounds below.

Try these steps in order to fix your The Sims 4 Living game startup crash:

  • First of all close your internet security, antivirus and Windows Defender off.
  • Delete the Electronic Arts folder.
  • Go to > C:/program files/the sims 4/game/TS4
    RUN TS4 AS AN ADMINISTRATOR!  (This is a main fix!)
  • Try to Cut the main folder then create a new folder named what you want -i.e. blabla - and paste this main folder into this newly created folder. (Just give it a try!)
    • Note: you couldn't be run TS4_x64 file but TS4 would be work!
  • So, just run the TS4 file and not the ts4 64.
  • Hope it works!

Important Note: Its always up to you. If you find your own workaround solution please post to and share with others to help everyone!

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