How to Fix Quake Champions Game Startup Crash

How to Fix Quake Champions Game Startup Crash

This quick fix guides you how to fix Quake Champions game startup freezing. On the first loading of this game the screen would be goes crash or hang.

You can following things to solve this problem:

  • Unlink your bethesda net account with steam.
  • Close and relaunch the game.
  • If you get black screen and close, try running Steam as Administrator.
  • Use Your Accounts with no special chars.
  • Go to "SteamApps\Common\QuakeChampions\Client\bin\PC\

    Once there, right-click QuakeChampions.exe, go to properties, then Compatibility, and select/check Run as Administrator.

  • Go to

    Users\AppData\Local\id Software\Quake Champions\client\config\game.cfg And replace the username or "id" to your id

    "userId": "wrongid:41:43.743790", to "userId": "correct Id:41:43.743790",

    Example "userId": "imbad00:41:43.743790", to "userId": "wtfrag:41:43.743790",

Hope it works!

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