How to Fix Random Crashes in Tom Clancy’s The Division Game

This tutorial shows how to fix random crashes in Tom Clancy's The Division PC Game and Delta C-0-1243 error fix workarounds, please follow these instructions below and find your own workaround for game crashes.

Try these steps:

  • Change your Modem/router. Your connection would be poor for the division game. So you can change it. Or buy a new high spec modem/router.
  • Change your DNS settings to: and via TCP/IP Connections from Control Panel.
  • Check the Windows event viewer:
    • Click run and type in eventvwr.exe or search for Event Viewer.
    • Look under system tab for DISPLAY/NVIDIA related failures around the time your game failed.
    • You will want to look for a red or yellow icon next to the event viewer entry as this states it level of warning or error.
    • Change it whatever you like and give it a try:

  • Try to update to the latest drivers
  • If you have any amount of overclock on the card for whatever reason this game causes issues. So, take back your overclocking.

If you have still questions please post to or comment below.

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