How to Fix Startup Crash of Subnautica Game (H2O Update)

This tutorial shows How to Fix Startup Crash of Subnautica (Build 3415 – H2O Update):

  • for you guys that the game crash after new game you have to download steam make an new account(don’t use your main account if you have.fix a new one).after that go to add a game(down left on steam)>add a non steam game>browse.find where you installed the game and choose the subnautica.exe.after go to steam library right click on subnautica>properties>set launce options and write this: -force-d3d9 .you also have to make the subnautica.exe to start as admin.for that you have to go to the installation folder find the subnautica.exe right click>compatibility>and press the box that says to run with admin permissions(something like that,i have in greek and i am not sure how it says it at english).also my pc spects are i5 4670k 3.40ghz 8gb Kingston beast NVidia gtx 260 1gb.(my r9 290 died and i have to use this one for now) windows 8.1 x64
  • Actually I had the issue of the game not responding, turns out if you just run it as admin, that fixes it. No need to bother with Steam.


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