How to Fix Watch Dogs 2 Crash, Termination and Performance Issues

This tutorial gives you to fix Watch Dogs 2 PC game crashes, forced termination and horrible performance issues. Try following steps to find your workaround or permanent fix/solution:

Please try these things part by part – not a step by step -:

  • Try to update all of your drivers and look at your full specs to find out if its the system related.
  • If yo have mirror mode on and secondary device connections:
    • Try to disable mirror mode or a connection to any secondary devices
  • Please try these steps one by one -Important: Not a step by step –
    • Exit from MSI Afterburner (If its running c. 20% o/c’ed)
    • Wind back the CPU bclk from 127 to 125
    • Install or repair everything in the game’s /_CommonRedist/ folder
  • Disconect any LG or samsung or any TV model from your PC and try to start your game again.
  • Do not overclock your ram and Cpu
  • Make your Bios as default
  • Update your latest NVIDIA drivers.

For Performance Issues try  these steps:

  • Try to turn down or off the HBAO+ setting from the game.
  • Switch to windowed mode or fullscreen , try these both.
  • Try to use SSD drive not HDD harddisk. Install your game into your SSD or if you don’t have please buy it.
  • Also do these steps:
    •  – try reducing the render resolution
    • –  change SSR to very high
  • Try to not update your NVIDIA drivers and continue using old drivers.
  • Try to disable Antialiasing.

Its all about optimizing your system configurations if you have highest specs. If you have low-end PC then try to lower graphic settings and also resolution.

We are here to help you to use both free or paid ways to fix your gaming experience. Please post your questions into gameslopedy forums and we would be help to you.

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