How to Make Watch Dogs 2 Game Run Faster [FPS & Performance Fix]

This tutorial shows you to make your watch dogs 2 game run more faster whether your system scepcs are low or high. Here are the some workarounds to fix fps and performance issues:

Try these steps first to improve your Watch Dogs 2 Game Performance:

  • Make a clean install of your graphic drivers.
  • To do this, players need to re-install their drivers by checking the “Perform a clean installation” in Nvidia Panel:


  • Choose “Custom (Advanced)” option, not the default “Express (Recommended)” option
  • Select the “Perform a clean installation” checkbox at the bottom of the screen that comes with a disclaimer below it.
  • Reboot your computer after the installation and try again.
  • Done.
  • Hope it works!


How to improve Watch Dogs 2 performance on high-end computers:

  • Try to reduce the render resolution.
  • Screen Space Reflection (SSR) is very demanding on Ultra setting.
  • You need to change SSR to very high (especially if you’re experiencing low framerate at night in the game, when it rains).
  • You need to have more than 6GB VRAM of your graphic card to run this game on ultra settings.

For low-end specs gamers you need to go to in-game graphics settings:

  • - From the main menu, select Settings
  • - On the next screen, click on Video
  • - In the Video menu, click on the Display tab

Video Options

  • Change your Graphic Quality and set it lower, or to fine-tune your settings its always up to you and your system.
  • Try specifically putting the Extra Details slider at 0%
  • Reduce the Geometry and Vegetation settings to lower.
  • Hope it works for you!

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