How to Solve Crash in Total War: WARHAMMER -while loading battles-

If your Total War: WARHAMMER game crashed when loading battles you can only use auto resolve battle.

But there are also other steps you can do to find the fix:

  • Disable antivirus – had same problem
  • Install all prerequisites from _CommonRedist folder (in game folder) Update Graphics card driver – install all in one run times
    (make sure all are fertig (ready) and restart computer)
  • Uninstall your antivirus (make sure you are not connected to the internet) and restart your computer
    2 Make sure you have enough space on hdd/sdd
    3 try lowest graphic setting
    4 it works perfectly for system so there has to be something wrong with your PC (overheating? damaged Ram? not enough power in psu to support your gpu?)
  • Install all the runtimes
  • For anyone having the problem of crashing before game starts try going to
    C:/users/YOURUSERNAME/AppData/Roaming/The Creative Assembly/Warhammer and delete all folders
    Caution!: no delete the save game
    Now run stp-tww.exe in the game folder



Who have a problem with Loading Battles (Not Auto-resolve)… already found its solution.
1.) Turn off Antivirus before games & add to exclusion list
2.) Go to game folder like “D:\Games\Total War WARHAMMER”
3.) Run “stp-tww.exe” as Administrator—set graphics to Low—Close program
4.) Run “Warhammer.exe” as Adminstrator … And have fun.

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