How to Solve CS: GO Server Issues and Check If They Are Up or Down

This short tutorial gives you some workarounds about Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO) Server issues and proper ways to checking if they are alive or down.


  • If you cannot connect to matchmaking & gameserver you need to firstly check the status of your region if its up, down or idle:
  • It depends on the region of your server most probably.
  • Some people claims they can still play. It's possible they're in a region that is not yet affected, or that their workaround/fix methods worked.
  • If you cannot connect to all of the servers such as Matchmaking, Deathmatch, Casual, Arms Race, Demolition etc. you can connect to the community servers by doing this:
    • Please select "Play"
    • Follow "Browse community servers".
    • You can find and choose various gamemodes and servers over there.
  • Also check this community for possible updates: CLICK HERE!
  • Hope it would be useful for you all!

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