How to Solve “Please Insert Disc 2” Problem on CoD: Modern Warfare Installation

This is noob-friendly tutorial for Call of Duty lovers. Some of cod gamers encounters problems about Call of Duty Modern Warfare Installation from ISO files:

You are trying to install Call of Duty : Modern Warfare and you are getting "Please Insert Disc 2" and doing nothing to fix this issue? You are pressing ok button again and again and it's not installing, right?

The fix is very simple, just follow these steps:

  • Use or install a third party ISO Mounting software such as PowerISO firstly.
  • Go to your PC
  • See your DVD-ROM Discs
  • Right click on the current dvd-rom which contains Call Of Duty Modern Warfare iso.
  • Click to "Eject"
  • Then go to second .iso file and right click on it
  • Click to Mount disc
    • Now you can press okay on your " Please insert disc " message.
    • Hope it fixes your issue!
    • If not please post to Gameslopedy forums.
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