Solve Crash To Desktop Error in Steel Division: Normandy 44

If your game (Steel Division: Normandy 44) crashes after changing the graphic options try following things below:

  • Solution n°1:
    When you see the prompt suggesting to use the last working configuration, answer "No”.

    • The game should then use the right options.
  • Solution n°2:
    Change the graphic options one by one.

    • Do not change the Shader Quality and Terrain Resolution settings.
  • Solution n°3:
    This can happen when the game is set in "Fullscreen". You can change these settings in the Option.ini file located in C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\EugenSystems\SteelDivision
    Open the .ini file, and change the value WindowFormStyle = 1 to WindowFormStyle = 2. Save the file and start the game again.
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