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The golden age is now. We have better and better iterations of serial games. Fallout 4 is the first 3D Fallout game with good shooting mechanics. Good for me as I refuse to use VATS and Fallout 3 and NV were … difficult because of poor shooter mechanics.

They have tried to bring Staker, the greatest of all SP shooters, into a more modern aspect with the Metro stuff. Not really up to Stalker’s bar, but a good effort.

ESO is a wonderful game, although they have nerfed it pretty badly now for a more popular approach. I guess it’s working there are lots of people in game.

Obduction is wonderful. A new Myst, well from the same people, and it’s great puzzler. Croteam’s effort The Talos Principal is good but not really up to Obduction.

I don’t play scrollers or really any kids games and hate consoles, so I may have my own ideas as to what’s good.

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