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    2400MHz memory

    I went and purchased on ebay, 4x8Gb DD3 Corsair Vengeance 2400MHz 1.65V memory using Paypal in an effort to upgrade BF1 performance.

    Subsequent to that I found out that my CPU intel i7 3930K only supports memory to 1600MHz, with 1.5V. The motherboard supports memory up to 2133MHz 1.5V. Current memory is the Vengeance DD3, but 4x4Gb 1600MHz 1.5V

    I have emailed the seller to hopefully get the purchase cancelled ($280), but am not holding out much hope.

    I do not want to install if it will cause problems or stuff up my PC, so anyone have any experience with this sort of issue, or can offer advice? I have googled for similar but just got confused – they talk about overclocking memory and stuff which I don’t follow too well.

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