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    Default 3ds wifi no longer connecting
    hey giys can anyone offer some advice or help, im noob around these parts and managed to get arm9 and luma on the system and been using it for over a week all of a sudden now i turned it on this evening to check to see if there where nay updates and i cant use the wifi.

    i have also notice street pass icon appearing on the console, is this now banned or is this fixable i haven’t been playing online games but i have been using cia angel to download a few things.

    thanks for your help in advance

    ok so i got the wifi working again but unfotuanaltly for some reason i had to reformat my sd card and i lost all my cia and saves for som reason whihc sucks 🙁 is that normal ?

    i even had to do sys restore via hourglass9 also as nothin was showing up on my home menus depsite it all being there on the sd card still whihc is odd.

    i think though i would liek to remove it all toegether and have it back stock if anyone can help to much fafing about and id rather not have a bricked 3ds , time to sell and cut my losses .
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