A PC designed for me

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    Anyone wishing to donate to me (joking) $6748 so I can buy one and not get divorced….

    Just saw it at Harvey Norman today …

    Imagine the monitor/s you could hook it up with.

    Powerful Processor

    A performance-driven design with impeccable processing power makes the HP Omen X 900-071A Gaming Desktop a gaming powerhouse. Integrated with an Intel Core i7- 6700K processor and 32GB RAM, this desktop runs even the most demanding programs with reliable speed and efficiency.

    VR Certified. Gamer Approved

    Enjoy impressive visual quality, thanks to this gaming desktop’s NVIDIA GTX1080 graphics. With a remarkable 8GB dedicated memory, the Omen X facilitates thrilling and visually engaging gameplay with virtual reality capabilities.

    Huge Storage

    Featuring both a 2TB HDD and a 256GB SSD, you get the best of both worlds; Huge storage capacity for all your miscellaneous files and folders, and speedy-access solid state storage for lightning fast boot times and quick access to your regularly used project files and software.

    Liquid Cooling

    Utilising a liquid cooling system, the HP Omen X 900-071A Gaming Desktop is capable of handling the heat even when running some of the most processor and memory-intensive programs available. Paired with its sleek design, this gaming beast is a great addition to any gamers’ arsenal.



    Very strange. I will be building a machine soon. Not far from that one but it will be much cheaper. My storage will be significantly better. I can run numbers if anyone cares. It only makes sense if the case is 4 grand. Maybe it’s an exchange thing I dunno.

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