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    The bans that were going around were for playing pokemon Sun/Moon online before the official launch of the game. Those bans as far as we know are permanent. If you are using a flashcard however, if you dont use a private header for the ROM you are using, you will get banned (in other words, if you put a .3DS game on your sky3ds/R4 and go online without injecting a header into it, you will get banned most likely. .CIA files dont have that problem as they don’t use headers and can go online without worry of a ban).



    I was thinking of purchasing private header and SKY3DS+ and hopefully being able to play online.

    But from what you said it should be safe now? Since the game is now released? And i was told i can use the .CIA files with flashcard? I just need to convert the file?

    Sorry i am new to this so i am just going off what somone has told me.

    And yes i do know to not break TOS if i don’t wana be banned but obvious question is how to stay away from being banned while breaking TOS.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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