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    APU build, need a cheap upgrade…

    Hi all, just curious if anyone cares to advise on a build something like this: A10-7890K 4.1GHz Quad-Core – System Build – PCPartPicker New Zealand
    Plan on using existing case and PSU (replaced not long ago). Kinda on a budget…

    Currently my poor old machine is a E8400 w 4GB DDR2, HD5770. CPU/ram appears to bottleneck freaking everything these days, but I suppose it’s had a good run for the last 9 years… originally had an 8800GT.

    Figured I’d put the HD5770 in the wife’s machine, as the APU GPU is very similar grunt apparently. I realise 32GB ram is probably overkill, but I’d rather future-proof now as it won’t ever get upgraded.



    You haven’t mentioned what GPU you are going to get?

    I would save some money on the RAM and put it towards your GPU



    APU has built in GPU (equiv to HD5770 which I currently use), which would do for now until MrsSnott releases more funds – which is why I’m considering an APU. Fast ram is for the GPU part of the APU(CPU) which it shares, and 32GB is future-proofing. I think I’d be fine with 16GB though to be fair.

    edit: perhaps I should be looking at the intel stuff, seems the built-in intel graphics are fairly equivalent…? Ugh I need to bite the bullet and build something decent or it’ll frustrate me I feel.



    Built in GPU to me sounds bad.

    Good in a L/T

    Bad in a tower if you want to game.

    As Beavis said, save on the RAM, and spend it on a dedicated GPU.

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