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    For those whom were interested in having settings which would maximise their in-game performance with great visuals, here is a short guide for you.

    Arma 3 Launcher Settings.


    Parameters Settings:

    If you have a Hyper-threaded CPU (Generally Quad-Cores + Are hyper threaded, but check to make sure)

    Place in your CPU count
    Enable Extra Threads along with File operations, Texture Loading and Geometry Loading – This speeds up loading times per say and helps with loading entities ect.
    Set your memory Allocateor to “Systems” – This provides a link between your game and system in where memory should be allocated and used from
    Set your system memory limit – Arma is still 32 bit so recommend to just put 2GB (2047mb) for now until the update
    Set your Video Memory Limit – Your Graphics card has limited memory (Vram) if it’s a 2GB Card, put in 2047 any more than + 1024


    In-game video options – General

    Set sampling to 100% – Any more and you may experience loss in frames
    Set Texture to Very High – Ultra – Any lower than high and frames are impacted ]
    Set Objects to Very High – Ultra – Any lower than high and frames are impacted – These settings provide a higher frame rate, lower the settings worse the frame rate
    Set Terrain to Very High – Ultra – Any lower than high and frames are impacted ]

    Set Shadows to High – Ultra – Any lower than high and frames are impacted
    Set Particles to Low – Any higher will result in loss of frames due to rendering small entities within explosions and bullet impacts

    Set Cloud to Low – Any higher results in loss of frames due to rendering in higher cloud quality, when on foot, cloud quality isn’t much of an issue, unless you’re flying and you wish for better cloud quality.

    Set PIP to Standard – This renders in better quality upon Mirrors and reflected surfaces, standard appears to be the best option for frame rate & quality.


    Set Overall between 2000 – 2500 – This increases / decreases the world limit in which you can physically be able to view, higher the overall, more detail and “World” has to be loaded in.

    NOTE: Within town’s and especially cities, lower your overall to 1000-1500 this generally only loads in the town & city you are within resulting in better frame rate.

    Set Objects to 1200 – 1800 – This will load in objects within the world render distance, I.E Buildings, junk ect.. Higher object distance will affect frame rate
    Set Shadow to 100 – this is the over all shadow distance & quality within the world.


    Set HDR to Standard – This brightens up the screen, however does not impact frame rate
    Set Dynamic Lights to Low – This changes the amount of Dynamic lights within your view distance, higher results in loss of frames
    Set Water Reflections to Disabled -Standard – generally we do operations in land, so having water reflections reduce frames if loading in the sea



    Display Settings:

    Set your resolution to your native monitor resolution – and higher/lower could affect frame rate and visual impair the quality of the game
    Disable Vsync – This increases the head room of your frame rate, leave enabled if you suffer with screen tearing

    Brightness & Gamma is personal preference – Does not affect game performance



    AA & PP Settings:
    These settings are general fine-tune visual settings

    Set Bloom to personal preference – This does not affect frame rate
    Set Radial Blur to 0 – If you suffer with nausea then turn to 0, unless you like motion blur (Higher the amount will affect frame rate)
    Set Rotation Blur to 0 – If you suffer with nausea then turn to 0, unless you like motion blur (Higher the amount will affect frame rate)
    Set Depth Of Field to 0 – Higher the amount will impact frame rate but only slightly
    Sharpen Filter to personal preference, my recommend is 40

    Set AO “Ambient Occlusion” to Disabled – Higher will decrease frame rate but increase visual affects
    Set Caustics to Disabled – This is pretty much light rays which occur within the sea bed, unless your in a submarine or driving, recommend to turn it off

    All color preset is personal preferences, does not affect game performance

    Anti-aliasing settings turn to Disabled & Low, this is additional lighting, object quality which is not really needed, if you experience objects with sharp edges, set FSAA to 2x and ATOC to “Arma 2 trees + Grass”

    These are my settings and what i can best describe what each setting does, if you wish to use these then go right ahead, if not then that is your personal preference.

    The way Arma 3 is made, the most general quality settings, the higher the setting, better the performance and visual.

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